China is affected by a new coronavirus. Can your plant's productivity be guaranteed?

Our factory has resumed orderly and production capacity has returned to normal.

What is the "JAS" standard?

"JAS" stands for Japanese Agricultural Standard. "Japanese Agriculture and Forestry Standards" refers to standards formulated in accordance with the "Special Law on Agriculture and Forestry Standardization and Quality Labeling." In order to improve quality, rationalize production, regulate transactions and rationalize consumption of food, agricultural products, seafood and forest products, the government has established standards and inspections by development organizations. Set standards for the following forest products.Items marked with the "JAS mark" indicate that they have passed standards and, in addition to the size, clarify the quality and performance that are difficult to see in appearance to make it easier for consumers. As a result, they are guaranteed to reach a certain level without performance errors when purchased or used.Unfortunately, wood JAS products are not widely used. There are many reasons for this, but the standard may be difficult to understand, the trademark of the same product may be higher, or the middleman may feel that the trademark is not needed. There is a need to improve what is not available to consumers.

What original materials should be considered by bespoke kitchen cabinets businesses?

Particle board may a nice choice. Its extra-thick construction enhances its strength and durability, and is easy to cut. 

When is your Spring Festival holiday?

Our Spring Festival holiday time is January 22nd-February 2nd.

What production equipment does your particleboard use?

The production equipment we use comes from Germany Dieffenbacher and Italy IMAL PALl.

What is the customs code of the product?

The customs code of the product is 4410110000

What are the differences between plywood and particleboard?

Particle board(Click me) and plywood are both wood-based panels and they have their own advantages.

Do you have Particle Board Warehouse overseas?

It's sorry about that we don't have a warehouse overseas, but we will start Japanese business and soon we will set up a Japanese particle board warehouse. Our domestic particle board warehouse is in Anhui.

Do you attend any exhibitions?

We will consider participating in related building materials and timber exhibitions. Recently we visited the building materials exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

Can I customize the color what I want?

If you want to choose a veneer, you can customize the color. If you want to choose a particleboard, you can tell us your requirements. We can add color to the wood chips.

Does your particle board have its own testing laboratory?

Of course, we have professional personnel to conduct testing experiments and continue to develop high-quality products.

What are your main products in your company?

F★★★★(F4 star)Certified Chipboard, NO-HCHO chipboard, E1 chipboard, E0 chipboard, Exceed chipboard

Is there any discount for your particle board?

We will launch hot products(Particle board) from time to time with discounts, please follow our developments.

How many pieces of boards will be packed in one carton?

9mm  37pcs/carton 12mm  28pcs/carton 15~25mm 13-22pcs/carton 28-32mm  10~11pcs/carton 35mm  9pcs/carton 38mm  8pcs/carton